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i update my discord layout sporadically. here it is currently:

idgaf who you are just be nice and we cool. trust

my twitter DMs are also open cause i rly do not give a FUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!

i make trippy art.

simple as. 3DCG mostly. sometimes even like graphic-designy or...whatever. wegh

i also make music.

i use ableton live 11 suite (or, more rarely, reason 10.)sometimes i even post a silly video of me doing this to twitter-either with the timeline view in the program on, or a direct capture of a cool visualizer.

( image credit )

sooo here we are:

  • eireann kariuki strider gravity

  • hadron, vista/vistaurora, solitaire, astro, altair, hwoon, KSG, blizzy/blizzaga also work.

  • i'm 23, born june 15, 2000

  • pan-african. nonbinary (it/she)

  • my sexuality is that i like people and sometimes i dont

  • regarding brain stuff, um. possible autism + OSDD-1B + complex post-traumatic stress disorder. confirmed bipolar disorder, type I.

  • click this if you dare.

i was born into a high-control group/cult called the nation of islam. my upbringing wasn't completely isolated from the outside world but was significantly enough to where i'm. i'm just different. that being said, i'm generally behind the times culturally and i kind of don't fucking know what i'm doing ever socially so i just ask you to be patient with me if you so desire, i guess. odds are if i've said something weird or shitty i didn't mean it, i just don't know what the fuck i'm doing ever. vibes are like explicitly either psychedelic trippy bright stuff or really like edgy sharp dark stuff if that Makes Sense. shows in the content i interests are generally mostly eccentric but you'll catch me posting music i like, THUG Pro stuff, anime (mostly shonen i think), music production clips, photos i take, and i try to joke around too (sometimes, pretty rarely it gets super big.) im generally up to a lot so it's hard to sum that up here, just ask me if you wanna know more


favorite WHAT?

be prepared. walls of text ahoy

sure lets do it

kind of stuff i like to watch

  • shonens & action cartoons. i like action a lot

  • i like absurd comedy stuff like eric andre and aqua teen hunger force quite a lot

  • horror tv shows or horror movies. like the weird stuff

  • martial arts movies i need to get back into

  • also kaiju movies i need to start going over again. so if you have recommendations. then

kinds of youtube videos i watch

  • horror shit.

  • goanimate videos (they're awesome lol)

  • quieter lets players or lets players who play obscurer games

  • drama documentary videos i guess youd call em

  • visual effects and film related cool stuff

  • game reviews of older games and weirder games etc

  • cartoon related youtubers too!

oh wow i forgot some notable videogames & franchises etc i like

but also here:

  • OMORI (fav)

  • yume nikki (& fangames)

  • disgaea

  • persona

  • yume nikki (also yume 2kki, .flow)

  • undertale & deltarune

  • simcity

  • dragon ball z budokai tenkaichi 3

  • dragon ball z xenoverse 2

  • tony hawk's pro skater

  • thug pro

  • garry's mod

  • minecraft

  • kingdom hearts

  • DOOM

  • jak & daxter

  • ratchet & clank

  • spyro 1-3

  • lsd dream emulator

  • hylics

  • nuclear throne

  • polybius

  • rez infinite

  • sonic the hedgehog (specifically 3 and knuckles lol)

  • silent hill

  • resident evil

  • call of duty black ops 2 SPECIFICALLY. (lol)

THIS IS NOT EVERYTHING FOR...any of the different kinds of Thing i listed, trust mehuge fan of cool character designs overall i should note. i also love SCP, also worth noting. alternate reality games in General get me tempted too

regarding music...uhh

i've heard over 2,000 albums.
here's, 64 i identify with.

ALWAYS AND FOREVER OPEN TO RECOMMENDATIONS! WOW! i aint even list everyone it just be like that



i'm plural.i don't just have, one inner voice. you can see the amount below the realization's...very, extremely likely that i have OSDD. noting that, even considering everyone's roles, they're all rather fluid with what they do and how they operate. roles are potentially subject to change accordingly depending on how things just, go.very grateful for all of them. my life has been so much better since i realized i was...yeah.anyway uh list of us ahead


images are interactive. click on one to find out more about one of us. when you get to the actual page,
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exec. council superusers:

exec. council assistants:

front buddies:

the rest of the team:



Hi, I'm Aberdeen!

  • Additional Names: Deeny! or Abby!

  • Role: Mother Figure (to Rinny!), Sysparent (to Jump, Fluorrie!, Rou! & Retina!), Caregiver, Housekeeper, Emotional Regulator, Comfortive

  • Pronouns: She/Her

  • Genres: Downtempo, Ambient, Synthwave, Synthpop, Chillwave, Shoegaze, Dream Pop, Indie Rock, Neo-Soul, R&B

  • Favorite Song: venturing - Aberdeen Dream Sequence (Where I got my name from!)

  • About Me: I'm like Eireann and Jump's mom! I'm pretty...straight forward? But, I love to get whimsical too!

    I think I generally don't appear super super often, but feel free to...SUMMON me! I like phrasing it like that, LOL!



im rou hai :3

  • role: little, innocence holder, sysling to jump, fluor & retina, eresian (aberdeen is her momie) nostalgia holder (2000-2006)

  • pronouns: she/her

  • genres: hypnagogic pop, video game OSTs

  • favorite song: Sonic Mega Collection Plus OST - History

  • hewwo: im nice litol girlie hiiiiii im erin inner kiddie i gues. i like 2 have fun and drink juice! we can be friends! weeee


  • role: persecutor

  • pronouns: he/him

  • genres: (SUPPRESSED)

  • warning: something resembling a person. a danger to all of us. his presence signals something is wrong. great pain lives within him.

yo, i'm Dabi.

salutations. i am fluorette.

Tomura Shigaraki.

  • Additional Names: Shiggy, Shigz

  • Role: Trauma Holder, Comfortive, Protector, Symptom Holder
    (CPTSD. Specifically, anything as relates to distrust towards humanity & the world, sometimes even friends. + Religious Trauma Syndrome, entirely.)

  • Pronouns: He/It

  • Genres: Atmospheric Black Metal, Depressive Black Metal, Shoegaze (emo-infused especially), Atmospheric Drum & Bass, Drone, Ambient + Dark Ambient, Wave, more, too. A lot of taste overlap with Dabi actually!

  • Favorite Songs: Sadness - In the Distant Travels & Quannnic - Stick (ft. kmoe)

  • About Me: I am home to an incredibly, incomprehensibly intense darkness. Although, not all-enveloping, still...notably, very large... Holder of cult-related, interpersonal, and illness-related trauma. My heart, was once shrouded in shadows. Not anymore, not ever again...

  • ๐Ÿค Hadron, Dabi, Sol, Spinel, Dismas, Undyne, Xiao, Sunspot, Jadeite ๐Ÿค

hello, i am solaeire.

  • additional names: aeir, sol

  • role: overlord: (leader, manager, overseer, gatekeeper, protector, caregiver,) emotional regulator, perceptionalist, comfortive

  • pronouns: they/them

  • genres: anything.

  • favorite song: ulla straus - seed v.1

  • description: from, beyond. bestowed upon my host, and the inhabitants of the gravity system, by an unknown force. i feel a strong drive to protect, a desire to oversee. my attachment to my host i did not expect to feel, the way i do, but i welcome it. i welcome anyone who desires to treat me fairly, despite where i come from, i suppose.

  • ๐Ÿ’™ eireann, touya, tenko, spinel, dismas, undyne, xiao, sunspot, jadeite ๐Ÿ’™


  • additional name: vani

  • role: trauma holder, comfortive, emotion processor:
    (specifically, as it relates to grief. i work under acedia, my role is variable, generally pretty fluid.)

  • pronouns: they/it

  • genres: wave, witch house, plugg + plugg 'n' b, post-hardcore, digital hardcore, cybergrind, cloud rap, ...go peep dabi, shiggy, & jump's pages n just scan thru those if you want, we got shared interests. not everything though? you can just ask me stuff.

  • favorite songs: lilac - fever dream + distress + serene, shlohmo - apathy

  • bio: darkness incarnate. but i'm pretty lax about shit. hit me up if you want, i don't bite.

Hiii! I'm Spinel.

uhhh "level" lmao

(merged, with nuke.)

  • role: comfortive, trauma holder, symptom holder
    (psychosis, chronic paranoia, cptsd: the freeze response + ongoing dissociative tendencies, persecutory delusions, hypervigilance, emotional dysregulation)

  • pronouns: they/he/she/it

  • genres: just send me anything dark ig. uh, i like a lotta the same stuff dabi and shigaraki does, ...... but not the same stuff jump does though.

  • favorite songs: tim hecker - dungeoneering & seireasong - the end

  • bio: delusion pincushion. unending instability but. it's not as bad as you'd think, i guess



i go by "nuke."


  • role: anchor, warden, protector, emotion holder and regulator (anger & fear), emotional protector, nostalgia holder (overall), emotional guardian, comfortive, emotional processor:
    (regarding anything & everything, but i work closely with nuke, and what they focus on, primarily.)

  • pronouns: they/he

  • genres: anything that erin enjoys. that and,'s complicated. i just like what i like.

  • favorite songs: it's quite a few.

  • bio: i have been around, for a while. i've done more than you'd think. (yet, another protector.) i hope my demeanor doesn't intimidate you. i'm trying to be more sociable than i used to be.

  • ๐Ÿƒ erin, dabi, shigaraki, sol, spinel, dismas, undyne, sunspot, jade ๐Ÿƒ

my (xiao's) favorite songs.

i like them on their own, but they remind me a lot of erin, from what inspires her, to what brings her great comfort, in general, but especially in times of need.this is entirely an act of love, for my host. i only want to protect and nurture her for, as long as we are here.

Sunspot! :O


  • role: manager (in close alliance with dismas & jadeite), comfortive, advisor, prioritizer, rationalizer

  • pronouns: he/him


  • favorite songs: AGAIN, NOT SURE. SUBJECT TO CHANGE.


  • โ€ผ๏ธ SOLLUXANDER + EIREANN โ€ผ๏ธ

i (nuke.) house & deal with:

  • depression (overall, entire life.)

  • existence dysphoria (feeling irrecoverable, completely different to other people to a debilitatingly severe extent.)

  • rejection-sensitive dysphoria

  • the freeze response

  • psychosis + persecutory delusions

  • ongoing dissociative tendencies

  • chronic paranoia, & hypervigilance

  • emotional dysregulation

i work closely with xiao, and assist vanitas regarding this, as well as regulating her (erin's) day-to-day regarding her depressive tendencies.this only really warranted its own page because, it really made the carrd formatting look strange. i guess i am just up to a lot, huh.

Sollux Captor [Version]
ยฉ Gravity System. All rights reserved.

Welcome! I am Retina!

  • other names: vertex, spectra

  • role: sibling figure (to hadron), eresian (aberdeen is my mother!!!), sysling to jump + fluor + rou, battery, artist and/or muse, nostalgia + memory holder (related to art, art inspiration & abilities specifically), music holder, emotional holder & experiencer (wonder, curiosity, awe), confidence holder (personality + creative-related)

  • pronouns: any

  • fav. genres: ANYTHING but especially experimental stuff!

  • big big tunes: oh sweet baby its a BIGGUN!

  • me!!!: ERIN'S CREATIVE CORE! Her inner ... ARTBEAST?! HALF of the brains of Astroblur! i see!! the good in so many THINGS! in the mundane, potential complexities within the much. there is so much, many things, all the time...

What's good. I'm Jadeite.