Yuyoyuppe, Megurine Luka, Hatsune Miku - Solitude Freak

talk to me (if you want)

  • twitter DMs open

  • my discord ID is @playstation.two

i make trippy art.

i also make music.

i use ableton live 11 or reason 10. sometimes i even post a silly video of me doing this to twitter.

( image credit )

sooo here we are:

  • eireann kariuki strider gravity

  • hadron, astro, blizz, hwoon, KSG also work if you wanna call me those

  • i'm 23, born june 15, 2000

  • pan-african. nonbinary (it/she)

  • my sexuality is that i like people and sometimes i dont

  • regarding brain stuff, um. possible autism + OSDD-1B + complex post-traumatic stress disorder, discouraged subtype bpd. confirmed bipolar disorder, type I.

i was born into a high-control group/cult called the nation of islam. my upbringing wasn't completely isolated from the outside world but was significantly enough to where i'm. i'm just different. that being said, i'm generally behind the times culturally and i kind of don't fucking know what i'm doing ever socially so i just ask you to be patient with me if you so desire, i guess. odds are if i've said something weird or shitty i didn't mean it, i just don't know what the fuck i'm doing ever. vibes are like explicitly either psychedelic trippy bright stuff or really like edgy sharp dark stuff if that Makes Sense. shows in the content i interests are generally mostly eccentric but you'll catch me posting music i like, THUG Pro stuff, anime (mostly shonen i think), music production clips, photos i take, and i try to joke around too (sometimes, pretty rarely it gets super big.) im generally up to a lot so it's hard to sum that up here, just ask me if you wanna know more

favorite WHAT?

be prepared. walls of text ahoy


kind of stuff i like to watch

  • shonens & action cartoons. i like action a lot

  • i like absurd comedy stuff like eric andre and aqua teen hunger force quite a lot

  • horror tv shows or horror movies. like the weird stuff

  • martial arts movies i need to get back into

  • also kaiju movies i need to start going over again. so if you have recommendations. then

kinds of youtube videos i watch

  • horror shit.

  • goanimate videos (they're awesome lol)

  • quieter lets players or lets players who play obscurer games

  • drama documentary videos i guess youd call em

  • visual effects and film related cool stuff

  • game reviews of older games and weirder games etc

  • cartoon related youtubers too!

oh wow i forgot some notable videogames & franchises etc i like

  • OMORI (fav)

  • disgaea

  • persona

  • yume nikki (also yume 2kki, .flow)

  • undertale

  • thug pro

  • kingdom hearts

  • DOOM

  • jak & daxter

  • ratchet & clank

  • spyro 1-3

  • lsd dream emulator

  • hylics

  • nuclear throne

  • polybius

  • rez infinite

  • sonic the hedgehog (specifically 3 and knuckles lol)

  • silent hill

  • resident evil

THIS IS NOT EVERYTHING FOR...any of the different kinds of Thing i listed, trust mehuge fan of cool character designs overall i should note. i also love SCP, also worth noting. alternate reality games in General get me tempted too

regarding music...ohh boy

ALWAYS AND FOREVER OPEN TO RECOMMENDATIONS! WOW! i aint even list everyone it just be like that

the gravity system

other specified dissociative disorder is.....interesting. anyway the images are interactive

eireann / erin

  • role: host

  • pronouns: she/it

  • genres: ANYTHING.

  • lively but laid back. surprisingly anxious about stuff sometimes. lover of socializing and. stuff. lol


  • role: caregiver, emotional regulator

  • pronouns: she/he

  • genres: downtempo, ambient, trip-hop, synthwave, synthpop, chillwave, IDM, shoegaze, indie rock

  • the mom type, kinda. really sweet, caring, rational, and level-headed.


  • role: middle, emotional holder (all things excitement)

  • pronouns: he/they

  • genres: trap metal, hip hop, (actual) phonk, hyperbounce, brostep, hardwave, complextro, future bass, metalcore, alt metal

  • batshit goddamn crazy edgy and a lover of total badass shit. FUCKIN NUTS.


  • role: little

  • pronouns: she/her

  • genres: hypnagogic pop, video game OSTs

  • the inner child in question. thought to be dead for years but still remains. loves everyone except mean people. extremely friendly


  • role: attacker

  • pronouns: he/him

  • genres: ???

  • something resembling a person. a danger to all of us. his presence signals something is wrong. great pain lives within him.

touya / dabi

  • role: trauma holder, protector, caregiver, romanticist, emotional regulator, comfortive

  • pronouns: he/it

  • genres: metalcore, rap metal, emo...anything, alt metal, hard rock, power noise, basically anything industrial, math rock, a lot of other shit just tell me dude i dont give a shit. i got a lot of overlap with shiggy though.

  • the backbone. holder of the familial trauma. soul covered in scar tissue. co-regulates things along with aberdeen. in love w/ the host! and shiggy :)


  • role: emergency fronter, syllogist, emotional processor

  • pronouns: she/her

  • genres: idm, ambient, techno, ambient techno, breakcore

  • the logical core, or, at least i try to be. i'm quite friendly, i think.

shigaraki / tenko

  • role: trauma holder, comfortive, emotional guardian, symptom holder, protector

  • pronouns: he/it

  • genres: atmospheric black metal, depressive black metal, shoegaze (emo-infused especially), atmospheric drum & bass, drone, ambient + dark ambient, wave, progressive electronic, more, too. a lot of taste overlap with dabi actually!

  • the emotional core, if i'm correct... holder of cult-related, interpersonal, and illness-related trauma... soul shrouded in darkness, trying to be better... i work with fluor a lot in helping host process things... in love w/ the host! and dabi :)